Eliminate Your Electrical Worries With An Electrician

Eliminate Your Electrical Worries With An Electrician

Legacy Electric provides commercial electrical services in Beaumont, CA

Are power surges and tripped breakers causing problems at your place of business? Don't worry, Legacy Electric offers commercial electrical services in Beaumont, CA and surrounding areas.

Whether you need an outlet installed or your entire building rewired, we can handle it. We work on office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, malls and housing complexes.

Trust us to:

  • Install LED lights, outlets and fans
  • Rewire your building
  • Upgrade electrical panels
  • Replace circuit breakers
  • Secure loose wiring
  • Check electrical connections

If you're experiencing frequent electrical surges, tripped breakers or flickering lights, we'll inspect your electrical system to find the source of the problem. Get in touch with us right away to get started on your lighting upgrades.

What can a commercial electrician do for you?

Legacy Electric does lighting upgrades in the Beaumont, CA area. If you just moved into a new commercial space or you're renovating your existing building, we can install new wiring, lighting and electrical fixtures in no time.

A commercial electrician:

  • Has the tools needed to repair your electrical equipment safely and correctly
  • Can repair or install multiple electrical features in a single visit
  • Can troubleshoot your electrical issues and prevent future problems


Reach out to us right away if you need commercial electrical services. We can replace your parking lot lights, too.


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